It's very straightforward. You pay for a single course or a GuruClass. There is no monthly or annual subscription fee. There are no contracts. Once you pay for your course, you can access it at any time from anywhere.
You would pay US$129 for a course and US$29 for a GuruClass. Each course has approx 8 - 10 modules. Each Guruclass could vary between 1 - 3 modules.
It's simple. Sign up as a buddy. Choose your preferred course and you will be prompted to pay. The course will be made available immediately.
BuddyGuru™ is quite flexible. There is no fixed subscription. So you don't need to worry about ongoing payments dates. You can just keep buying courses as you feel appropriate for your learning needs.
YES - that’s the buddyguru™ advantage. Even though the courses are pre-recorded, you can meet your Guru on completion of your course. A video call will be arranged with your Guru and a group of learners who have also finished the course like you would have.
YES - that’s another buddyguru™ advantage. You will be asked to complete assignments during the pre-recorded sessions and upload the file via the chat function. Your Guru will be seeing your work and might even give you feedback during the group call.
We’re constantly working with more artists across cultures to broaden the range of courses we offer. The coming soon section will give you a peek to who we are bringing on the platform.
Yet another BuddyGuru™ advantage: Our courses are designed by the Guru’s exclusively for the platform. Normally what you would learn in a year is packed into a course saving you time and money. This will allow you to fast track to a 1:1 series with our Gurus when we are ready to offer a 1:1 mode of learning. It's recommended to take the masterclass and the course module of the interested art form.
Yes. BuddyGuru™ is custom made for all your mobile screens! Download from the Apple Appstore or Google Play store. Soon we will be adding the Cast & Airplay function so you could watch your content on your big screen.
Payment for the course is taken immediately. You will always have access to the course once you have logged in.
No, there will be no refunds once payment is done. Incase there is an error during payments, our support team will guide you.
No, you cannot download any content. However the course is always accessible once you are logged in. You can only stream your purchased video lessons. Any attempt to download or copy content is not permissible and its in breach with the user terms and conditions.
If you are a teacher yourself, we’d love to hear from you! You can sign up as a Guru and upload your profile & biodata. Kindly note that all Guru profiles are screened by our team and we will contact you only once screening process is complete. Terms and conditions apply.
Yes, ofcourse we would love to partner with your school / organisation. Please email and our team member will be in touch.
Yes, you can delete your account via the application. You will lose access to all courses once you opt for deleting your account. Terms & conditions apply.
We'll endeavour to answer query right away via Email or WhatsApp. We are a small team on a big mission. At BuddyGuru™ we will solve your query whether its regarding any courses, modules, chats with Gurus or even on payments. It might take us 24 -48 hours initially so kindly be patient with us.
A Guruclass is a 45 min masterclass where you get to know your Guru (teacher), about their journey and what it takes to become a master in the craft. At BuddyGuru™, we have added a dimension that Gurus will also teach the basics in this class. The Course module, on the other hand is a full course of 8-10 pre-recorded modules (including periodic Guru interaction) where you learn to achieve a certain level. We dont differentiate our courses as beginner, intermediate or advanced level. Our Gurus have designed a complete course where you will confidently be able to attain a level that would normally take you one year.

Stay Rooted.